Joseph Tabone Memorial

29 September 2018

On the 23rd of August 2018, Mr Joseph Tabone passed away from natural causes at the young age of 49 years. This man was a pillar of the early years of JKA-MALTA. 

His work and training ethics were legendary: he once turned at the dojo coming from the airport after a 12 hour flight from South Africa. On the way to the Dojo he was once hit by a car and sent flying. He did his training first...then he went for a check up!

He was always positive, always smiling. He was a fearsome opponent to face (affectionately known as "the Ashi-barai Man" due to his repeated and committed leg sweeps which no one could afford to ignore). He never held grudges against people. He was a gentleman and a model of behaviour for all of us.

Today we trained all together in memory of our karate friend Joseph Tabone, dearly loved by all of us. Thank you to all of you who attended even though most of you haven't trained in the past decade.

Dear Joseph, you will always remain in our hearts. It had to be you to reunite us once again. We are sincerely devastated by his untimely loss. JKA-MALTA sends the most heartfelt condolences to his wife Mandy and son Malcolm, as well as to his relatives.

A deep and respectful bow…



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